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Mommy Makeover Confidence Boost

Due to social networks and mass media, we are bombarded with images of new mums that look trim shortly after they had the birth of their child. As a result, an army of new mommies wants to get back in perfect shape as soon as possible. To that end, cosmetic surgeons have developed a series of procedures known as “mommy makeover”.

However, mass media notoriously forget to mention some of the more critical aspects of the mommy procedure, the risks, the before and after expectations, and so on. The misconceptions that have been spread have portrayed a somewhat unrealistic picture of this procedure. Here we will explain what can be realistically expected from a mommy makeover and what that truly means to a young mother.

Mommy makeover – The basics

Pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood are three distinct phases that have a different effect on the body. What is common for all is that the body is under great stress because it undergoes specific physical changes.

Celebrities, fitness fanatics, and women of great wealth are not immune to those changes, but they do manage to mitigate those effects. At least to some extent. By following strict fitness and diet regimes, their bodies manage to get less altered by pregnancy and childbirth. And when you add the mommy makeover procedure on top of all that you get their looks. Of course, when they are presented on a TV show or photographed they all wear plenty of makeup and are shot only from angles that capture their best parts. But that’s another part of the puzzle that doesn’t belong here.

What’s common for both celebrities and everyone else is that the mommy makeover can’t be done immediately after the child is born. Any decent surgeon will recommend that the procedure is done at least six months after the childbirth. It doesn’t matter whether you are someone famous, you’ve followed this or that exercise regime, or was on a strict diet. Waiting for six months is your safest bet. Anything less and you will be putting your health at risk. On the plus side, the recovery time after a mommy makeover is relatively fast – around two weeks in most cases. Plus, exercising and heavy lifting is not recommended for a total of six weeks.

What to expect from a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is a very personalized and consists of surgery and other procedures. The idea is that each body reacts differently to pregnancy and childbirth. An experienced surgeon can examine the body and in agreement with the patient can determine which procedures should be done. The following procedures are considered as the most common types for most mommy makeovers.


This is to remove the “love handles” or any other excessive fat around other areas than the Abdomen such as excessive fat around the thighs or hips.

Tummy Tuck

During this procedure, a surgeon will stitch back your torn abdominal muscles. That way the area can heal properly, and your


Woman’s labia is sometimes substantially stretched during childbirth. Not only that is a significant cause for discomfort for many women, but it also can interfere with their sexual life. Labiaplasty is a procedure that removes the excess skin and brings back thing as before birth.

Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift (optional)

Pregnancy causes the woman’s breast to expand and contract dramatically and women are left with flatter breasts and saggier than before and that’s where breast lift and breast augmentation come in play.

Childbirth is something that most women are looking forward to. Thanks to modern medicine, childbirth can have a minimal effect on any woman’s body.




Weight Loss and Liposuction, The Truth

If you are tired of hearing remarks about your weight, your wobbly flabby arms and a double chin which hide the neck and wants to start to turn the tables now is the time and liposuction is the solution.

What is liposuction?

Considered one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in recent times, liposuction is an aesthetic surgery that aims to reshape your body and present you with contours that you will love. Contrary to what people popularly believe, liposuction is not just for those overweight obese people, even normal people unhappy with body parts with excess fat can get it done.

While it is true that a good exercise regime and a balanced diet can help you control most of the weight-related issues, sometimes a little help is welcome.

Who should consider liposuction?

Not everyone can undergo liposuction and not everyone needs liposuction. But some candidates are an ideal choice for liposuction if they have the following issues:

  • Bulging fat on hips, belly, neck, and chest that does not reduce with exercise
  • Want a body that is more proportionate.

The truth about weight loss and liposuction

Liposuction is not always about weight loss. Many people often approach a cosmetic surgeon to help them lose weight with liposuction. They must understand that liposuction is meant to give your body proper contours and help you look thinner and it is not a weight-loss method. There are several individuals who have good body weight but are unhappy with localized fat and want that removed.  Probably the one way you can benefit is to keep a check on your dietary habits and maintain a regular exercise routine to help you deal with weight issues. Even those who undergo liposuction if they do not take care of their dietary and exercises needs might end up being overweight and out of shape.

The main criterion for liposuction is good skin tone, sagging skin is a strict “No “and liposuction is of no help there. These patients will benefit from a tummy tuck.

Types of liposuctions

Surgeons rely on different techniques to remove excess fat. Hence, no two surgeons might adopt the same technique. You must always be led by the experience of the surgeon. Some common techniques used by cosmetic surgeons are tumescent, Ultrasound-assisted, laser-assisted and suction-assisted liposuction.

How does liposuction work?

In most cases, the procedure is done under local anesthesia unless your surgeon deems the need to use general anesthesia. The main idea here is to loosen the fatty tissues and remove it. so, your surgeon will use any of the above-mentioned techniques to dislodge the fatty tissue and then make small incisions in the area that needs fat removal. Next, a thin tube is inserted into the incisions and the excess fat suctioned out. The entire procedure can take up to three hours or even longer based on the area covered.

After-effects of liposuction

There will be bleeding, swelling and discomfort and pain since the skin is cut during the procedure. But a skillful surgeon can minimize the after-effects. You will be prescribed pain medication and you can return to work within a few days. Scars fade with time.

Botox is not a surgical procedure

Nobody is born with perfect skin. All skin has visible or less prominent problems. This article is about the way you care for your skin and the nourishment you provide it. A good skincare routine, physical exercises and a healthy diet can all influence the health of your skin. All of these will ensure that your skin stays free from blemishes and damage. Aging is a natural phenomenon. But not everyone’s skin ages the same way. There are some who even experience premature aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are the most common types of skin problems that arrive as visible signs of aging. If you wish to reduce your wrinkles and have flawless skin there is no shortcut. Or is there one? Have you heard about Botox? This is a cosmetic procedure that is made highly popular by celebrities. But this is not something that is meant only for the movie stars. If you see before and after images of people who have gotten Botox treatments you would be amazed. Given the ease of getting a Botox done and the effectiveness of the procedure, there are many who now choose this option.

What is Botox?

The most common misconception that people have is that Botox is a surgical process to correct wrinkles on the face. The truth is that there is no surgery involved. There is a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum which produces a neurotoxin called botulinum. This is a toxin that is fatal even in small amounts. A very small amount of this neurotoxin in a low concentration is injected into the area where the wrinkles occur. Botox injections are also known to be used to treat headaches and this is an FDA approved injection. If you find a certified cosmetician who can give a Botox injection then you can put an end to your wrinkles.

Wrinkles are caused by the loss of skin elasticity. The normal tendency of the skin and the facial muscles is to contract and relax. If the elasticity is lost the skin doesn’t bounce back to its original state after a contraction. This is why lines and wrinkles start appearing even after simple facial expressions like smiling and frowning. The signals for contraction and relaxation are sent from the brain to the facial muscles by specific nerves. The neurotoxin once injected in the form of Botox injection stops the transmission of these signals. As a result, the facial muscles do not contract and therefore there are no wrinkles formed. This is how Botox does its work of erasing and preventing the occurrence of aging lines.

Benefits of Botox treatment

There is no surgery involved and very little discomfort experienced by the patient. The results appear quickly and are long-lasting. When wrinkles begin to appear again you can get another Botox injection. This can be a precise way to correct wrinkles even in the more difficult parts of the face like the corners of the mouth and also the forehead and neck.

A Quick Guide to Breast Augmentation

We are all not blessed with a perfect body of our choice but today with the help of plastic surgery you are in a position to have a body that you can be proud of. A recent trend that has caught up with women is to get breasts of their choice. A lot of women have either asymmetric breasts or some lose volume after breastfeeding and pregnancy and yet others were never gifted with a size that they could flaunt. Whatever the reason, they are unhappy and they want to address the problem. Breast augmentation is the solution that they are all looking for.

What is Breast augmentation?

Often called “boob Job” breast augmentation increases the size of your breasts either by inserting implants or transferring some fatty tissue from other areas of the body. The end result is contoured that is pleasing and a body that can boost the self-esteem and self-image of an individual. The current trend in plastic surgery is to give a natural look as much as possible to the breasts.

How does a surgeon assess a patient?

It is a standard procedure for the surgeon to take before and after photos before proceeding with the surgery. You can discuss with the surgeon the shape you want and based on the original shape and the end result he or she will decide on which type of implant to use. The next thing the surgeon will want to know is the cup size you prefer. Based on your body type, size and bone structure the final decision will be made because you don’t want to end up with breasts that are too large for your body.

Types of implants

Breast implants are not only available in different sizes and materials but also in different shapes in accordance with which part of the breast you want to be augmented. The most common types are:

  • Silicone implants: These implants give the breast a fuller look and are more natural. They are available in various sizes. An improved version is the highly cohesive silicone implants whereby the gel is held more strongly and makes the breasts firmer and the chances of the gel leaking are minimal. But these implants are expensive.


  • Saline implants: They are affordable but not firm and not durable. They are just silicone shells filled with saltwater. An advanced version is structured saline implants that are more durable and firmer.
  • Gummy bear implants:  These implants are the most natural and have a long life. They can increase breast size significantly.


Can a breast be augmented after mastectomy?

In scenarios when a breast is diseased, it is removed or a mastectomy is performed. Even in such cases, the breast can be reconstructed.  During a mastectomy, a surgeon saves the breast skin to use it later for breast reconstruction. Initially, the surgeon will introduce a tissue expander and fill it with saline solution and wait for the chest to heal completely, which is usually between two to six months, before introducing an implant. In some cases, surgeons keep the breast implant in the same surgery as the mastectomy.

Top Global Medical Tourism Destinations

Citizens of developed nations will benefit immensely from medical tourism. It offers an inexpensive window for healthcare. You have access to a multitude of medicine and culture. It’s a great way to combat legal limitations on drugs. Moreover, medical destinations abroad may sometimes provide with more relaxing and friendlier environment for recovery.

Top global medical destinations

Countries such as Singapore, South Korea and Thailand are amongst the top medical destinations. The healthcare policies in these nations are welcoming towards foreigners. The costs are comparably lower than the west. They have state of art healthcare facilities. The procedures are a lot quicker and effective. It’s easier to travel to and around these destinations.

If you want cheaper alternatives, you are looking at Malaysia or India. Malaysia is pretty much an inexpensive version of Singapore. Then, there is Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong with top notch medical facilities too. Let’s discuss on why these countries rank so high as global medical destinations.

Why South East Asia and Gulf?

These are places that are very open to foreigners. Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia are modern societies. They like to learn from other cultures and practices. Collective knowledge works at best here. There is diversity and learning based on that. They have a forward approach to medical procedures and equipment.

Why not Europe?

If you consider Europe, they are largely made up of locals. Barring England, most other counties favor anti-immigration policies to different extents. The locals have a sentimental attachment to the old school medical practices. In most cases, the hospitals are just backwards in time. Moreover, the bills aren’t helping too.

Cost savers: India and Mexico

When it comes to cutting down the costs, you can’t overlook India or Mexico. India seems to be more of a global destination. Mexico happens to be the little escape from tall bills for Americans. In India, the costs of healthcare are 70-90% less than U.S. or Canada. Bypass surgeries that cost over $100,000 costs just under $10,000 in India. It can be even lesser in Mexico.

Cosmetic surgery destinations: Brazil and Thailand

Brazil has become the top spot for getting plastic surgeries. They are everything like Venezuela, minus being inaccessible. Girls get breast implants for sweet sixteen birthday gifts here. A facelift that costs $6000 in the U.S. is just under $2000 here. Thailand excels at being a cosmetic as well as medical destination. Working with a western medical travel agent is essential. Unsuspecting travellers who travel unprepared can get scammed by fake doctors. Not knowing the local language makes people vulnerable.

Tech Savvy: South Korea and U.S.A

South Korea and U.S.A deploy cutting-edge technology in healthcare services. The former offers it a lot cheaper than latter. South Korea offers insurance coverage to medical tourists too. It typically covers stress disorders, injury, death caused by bad treatment, etc… Well trained staff counts as a huge bonus. The steep healthcare costs in the U.S don’t stop travellers with deep pockets. U.S healthcare system treats over 800,000 medical travellers annually.